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It is with great pleasure Devar can announce that we have received an award for our Health and Safety performance in recognition of the efforts employed by our Dubai team under the supervision of Asif Mehmood.
Health and Safety are obvious concerns across all industries, but it’s of particular importance with the construction industry.
We believe Health and Safety legislation and regulations are a key factor in the success of our business.
Devar employ a ‘zero tolerance’ approach and a ‘speak up’ culture was developed with the introduction of monthly staff forums, the development of a ‘road map’ for staff success with the workforce encouraged to report any issues and submit regular suggestions for improvement within all areas of the business.
We ensure that prior to commencement on each project that we identify the potential hazards within the project site and assess the risks from those hazards. We then implement control measure to mitigate those risks.
Some hazards are not necessarily visible such as those posed by Covid 19 which we have updated and included in our protective measures.